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Building design

Architectural-construction design - a complex of crafts, which includes the creation of the concept of the future object and its further detail and refinement in accordance with the requirements of existing regulatory documents and wishes of the customer.
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External networks

Designing of external networks - a complex of works on the calculation and development of a complete scheme of connection of engineering networks (water supply and sewerage, heat supply, electricity supply and low-voltage networks, etc.), which ensure the full functioning of the facility for the entire period of its operation.

Designing special sections

Designing and developing special sections is a set of works that involves the development of highly specialized sections. The need to develop such sections depends on the complexity of the object or the engineering conditions of the construction site.

Audit and Documentation

Audit and verification of the developed design documentation for compliance with applicable building codes. Analysis of engineering solutions for engineering literacy and energy efficiency.

Interior design of apartments, houses and cottages

Entrance hall

What our customers are saying about us

  • My husband and I decided to combine the corridor with the kitchen, and there was a disturbance in ventilation, in general, it simply does not move it. I had to turn to the design company. Expected that just drawings are designed for us. and in the firm collected all the certificates and agreed with all the authorities.
  • We took into account all our requirements, there was a lock in the windows, we wanted them as more. The architect has long thought out how to enter them, but it turned out to be worthy, now with similar orders we will appeal to them. Thank you so much for the work done!
  • The organization was pleased, the orders we were unusual requested to make a project of the museum. The specialists work there literate, they did everything according to the norms and rules that the project of non-governmental expert examination passed immediately. In general, they did everything as needed.

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